The Investing Advantage Podcast

Welcome to the Investing Advantage Podcast (Ep. 1)


Welcome to The Investing Advantage Podcast. My goal with this podcast is to show you how to live life on your terms and to stop investing like a poor person. I want to share with you my 10+ years of experience in commercial real estate investing and how to find the right value add in commercial real estate.


This first episode is a brief overview of what I will be covering in this podcast, why it was started, and what the ultimate goal is. I also have a free article for you to check out completely free, no opt-in necessary.


Time Stamps:


(0:39) Welcome to the Investing Advantage Podcast

(1:55) Why I Started This Podcast

(6:01) Ultimate Goal of this Podcast

(8:14) My Experience

(11:46) Email Me with Questions!

(12:39) On the Next Episode

(13:50) Article




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