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 Convert Your Income into Net Worth Investing in Commercial Real Estate 

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Your Plan B - Build Cashflow & Net Worth Investing in Commercial Real Estate

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Shane Melanson - Canadian Real Estate Investing

Developer & Canadian Real Estate Investor -  Shane Melanson helps professionals and business owners invest in Canadian real estate - with a focus on cash flowing commercial real estate.

Specifically for professionals and business owners earning a high income and too busy to find good, safe commercial real estate properties.   To get off the treadmill of trading time for money and owning tangible, hard assets (Cash Flowing Real Estate) that pays monthly.

For the past 14 years, I've helped Canadian real estate investors buy and sell more than a quarter billion of real estate.  In some cases, clients have been able to replace a 6-figure income in one commercial property * (not an income claim, requires hard work, dedication and capital).

There are three primary ways I can help you invest in real estate.  Which would you like help with?


You want help sourcing, acquiring and managing commercial properties...


You would like to understand what properties you're investing in first


You're too busy to learn the business.  Partner with an experienced operator.

Canada Real Estate Investing Options...

Club Syndication: A small group of people that pool their money to purchase a larger commercial (or multifamily) property.

The world of investing in commercial real estate is different than residential investing.

Commercial real estate is largely a relationship game which can take years to develop and nurture.  For the most part, the best commercial properties are not found on the MLS.

Top Commercial Brokers have a database of proven buyers they take deals to direct.


There are several reasons.  First, commercial real estate is a more complex transition and brokers and sellers want seasoned buyers (deal certainty).   Next, a 7 or 8 figure property has the potential for a large commission.  If the broker knows who the buyers are, they would prefer to earn a full fee, than share it (human nature).

New to Canadian Commercial Real Estate Investing?

  • How to get started investing in commercial real estate? (the blueprint)
  • Who can you trust?
  • How much money do you need?
  • Should you invest actively (your own deals) or passively (in other peoples deals)?

There is a straight forward 3-Step Framework to help you answer these questions:

3 Steps to Grow Your Real Estate Portfolio & Retire Early

The Plan

Step 1. Your Plan - Get clear on how much passive income you want.  Where are you starting from? Taking into consideration your Risk Profile and how much time you have before retiring.

The Strategy

Step 2. The Strategy - There are three key 'Strategies' when investing in commercial real estate.  The strategy you chose will be based on what your investing goals (from the The Plan).


Step 3. Implementation - With a clear Plan and Strategy, you're ready to take action (start investing).  You'll know the type of commercial properties to invest in, right locations and with who.

Canada Real Estate Investing Canada

Your Plan B - Build Cashflow & Net Worth Investing in Commercial Real Estate

Click to access the New Free Training Video that shows you how a single commercial property can replace a 6 figure income.

About Shane

I started like many Canadian real estate investors- buying and fixing up single family properties, finding tenants to generate a few hundred/month.  When the Calgary market was appreciating 5%/year - my portfolio looked good.

In 2004, I was working a fulltime job and managing multiple properties.  I didn't have a family.  So working long hours and weekends didn't bother me.  Fast forward, today, married with 3 kids- I want more time to be with my family.

The goal of investing in real estate was to give me freedom- not create a 2nd job.

In 2008, I partnered with my father-in-law, a 40 year veteran developer and commercial real estate investor. He taught me how to raise capital and invest in 7 and 8 figure commercial and multifamily properties.

  • How to secure capital (both debt and equity).
  • Who you need on your team to help you.
  • How to find the right deals
  • How to structure and negotiate with investors

Initially, many of our Canadian real estate investors were REIT's, Pension Funds and Wealthy Families.  Once in a while a physician, engineer or business owner would ask me to help them buy a apartment, retail or warehouse building.  It was in helping individuals making the leap from single family to commercial where I saw the biggest need for extra guidance and support.

In my experience, the one thing that keeps many real estate investors stuck in residential real estate is...

not understanding the "Game of Commercial Real Estate".

Even real estate investors with $500k, $1M or $5M- make huge mistakes entering the game of commercial real estate.  The Game, as I call it, is about knowing what to look for in a deal.  Seeing the right deals first.  Access to capital.  A solid reputation as a closer.

Unfortunately, many new commercial investors are either too busy to learn the Game, or, try and do it alone.

I started coaching and helping people with a sincere interest in investing in this alternative asset class, invest like the Pros.

In addition to my own real estate projects, I help Canadian real estate investors learn the Game and gain access to proprietary deal flow.

To learn more about investing in commercial properties, click the link below.

Father-Daughter Date Night
Father-Daughter Date Night

Canada Real Estate Investing News

How Dan Bought His First Commercial Property in 4 Months

Replacing a 6-figure income with just one commercial property?  It is possible (not easy) - but doable if you find the right property in the right location.


The Investing
Advantage Podcast

Devoted to Canadian Real Estate Investors who are stuck trading time for money replace their income. The GOAL of this podcast is to help you start living LIFE on your terms. And the best way to do that is to eliminate any FINANCIAL worries but taking responsibility for your money and how it's invested.


Kind Words From My Private Real Estate Investing Clients

Shane is one of the few people in this industry who I feel I can really trust- amazing information, no bs, and always authentic.

Appreciate you Shane, for dropping knowledge as always. I’m a rookie investor, but feeling more and more confident by the day.

Private Real Estate Investing

Niyi Sobo
I'm Not You - Former NFL Running Back | Mindset Coach

Private Real Estate Investor Tim

Tim Murphy
Groundup Development LLC

Shane's latest book (Club Syndication) is a great helicopter tour of the complex and scary world of investing in commercial real estate.

Shane's tips are simple, but poignant, and his transparency and genuine desire to help other sis refreshing in today's business world.

A fast and simple read for anyone looking to diversify their investment portfolio or begin focusing on commercial real estate investments.

Private Real Estate Investor Canada - Stan

Stan Peake
Entrepreneur - Insite Performance

Many thanks Shane for your hard work on this project.

It's certainly a great learning experience, especially on our first commercial property. We're extremely lucky to have such experienced team working with us, without your help and guidance we would definitely be lost and not able to pull it off.

Please accept our sincere appreciation to you, words cannot describe our gratitude but thank you is indeed from the bottom of our hearts.


June and Dan Wang
Calgary Physician

I’ve been watching Shane’s Facebook videos and it has taken me on to a whole new investing path that I had no idea existed.

He is very clear and systematic in his approach. He doesn’t tease you with just enough information for you to need to go buy his material to get a full understand.

I would advise you to listen to the podcast now and start learning a new way to invest.

Robert Grand
Business Owner: Grand Realty | Real Estate Investor
Canada Real Estate Investing Canada

Your Plan B - Build Cashflow & Net Worth Investing in Commercial Real Estate

Click to access the New Free Training Video that shows you how a single commercial property can replace a 6 figure income.