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club syndication by Shane Melanson

Escape the Time for Money Trap

Download a free PDF copy of my latest book, Club Syndication, How the Wealthy Raise Capital and Invest in Commercial Real Estate

No Longer Rely On 1 Source of Revenue

We meet serviced based professionals and entrepreneurs, earning high incomes that realized they can no longer relay on one source of income.  But are confused- where should you invest? If you're money in the market, you might be concerned...

* The stock market is volatile

* You lack control over where your money is invested

*You are busy - where to start?

* You don't have a retirement plan that you are confident in

* I don't know who to trust?

* How do you create monthly cash flow without trading time for money?


The Investing Advantage, led by Shane Melanson, is a community, a set of tools & resources for high income earning professionals and entrepreneurs looking for a secure retirement plan. 

I know how it feels to work hard, earn great income and then not know who to trust or where to invest.  When I was in grade 12, my parents (both teachers) remortgaged their home and invested $100,000 in the wrong deal.  They lost it all and then spent the next 10 years to save up and pay their home off again. 

This is why for the past 14 years I've been focused on helping people take control over their investments.  Owning commercial real estate across Canada and the US.

Helping you identify the right commercial properties, in the right locations at the right time.  Working together, you'll have access to my proprietary 3-Step Commercial Real Estate Wealth Triangle so you can invest safely, preserving your wealth for your kids and grandchildren. 

Grow Your Real Estate Portfolio & Retire Early



Commercial Real Estate Road Map




Step 1. Discovery- We help you get clear on how much passive income you require in retirement.

Step 2. Roadmap- We design your customized investing playbook to based on your risk tolerance and time you can dedicate to investing.  Some investors chose to invest passively along side an experienced team of commercial investors.  Others, will invest directly in their own deals.  We help you decide the right approach based on your goals.

Step 3. Execution- We give you the skills and tools so you take the appropriate actions.  You will have a clear plan of action to start investing in commercial real estate. Who you need on your team and how to leverage experts, so you don't need to be one.  


You'd like to invest in Calgary & Surrounding Area- Shane's team will help you find the right Commercial Property


You are looking for a guide to help you navigate your first property acquisition.  Or, you'd like my help to help you raise capital for a larger investment. 


You are too busy and just want to invest in commercial properties, but don't have the time or capital to do it on your own.

Why Many Highly Paid Professionals Have No Idea How to Retire

The shocking truth around why most highly skilled people end up the poor people.

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The Investing Advantage Podcast

Devoted to helping highly skilled professionals and business owners who are stuck trading time for money. The GOAL of this podcast is to help you start living LIFE on your terms. And the best way to do that is to eliminate any FINANCIAL worries but taking responsibility for your money and how it's invested.

Club Syndication Book

Escape the Time for Money Trap

Download a free PDF copy of my book, Club Syndication, How the Wealthy Raise Capital and Invest in Commercial Real Estate