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Shane Melanson | The Arbitrage Architect

The Arbitrage Architect

Welcome - are you ready to take control over your finances and investments?  

I'm passionate about helping people take control over their personal finances - specifically through investing in tangible, cash flowing hard assets: Commercial Real Estate.

You work hard for your money and in most cases- hand it over to someone else hoping they will do what's in your best interest.  Sometimes it works out.  Sometimes it doesn't.

In 1997, I watched my parents trust a friend and invested more than $100,000.  For two teachers, that meant remortgaging their home.  Fast forward 6 months, and they lost it all.  For the next 10 years, my parents kept working to pay off their home for a 2nd time.  (BTW- I too invested in that deal and lost everything I'd saved to go back to university- $13,500).

That experience lit a fire under me, to figure out how the wealthy invest.  What do they do differently?  How do they find unfair investing advantages to keep and grow their money?  And, to make sure that my parents and friends never fell for this type of horrible investment again.

Today, after 15 years of experience investing in real estate, I help professionals and entrepreneurs who want to take control over their investments.

You get the benefit of learning from someone who's invested and made millions and, lost, not millions- but several hundred thousand.  With more than $300M in real estate transactions- you can model my framework for finding the right commercial properties to invest in.

If you want to stop trading time for money to make more intelligent investment decisions.  

A warning: This is NOT common investing advice, and these strategies are not widely dispensed online for the masses. 

If you're an entrepreneur, a doctor, or engineer earning well above the average income – you are uncommon.  And it's my belief you can't listen to average advice geared to the masses.  

For a people earning mid-6 and 7 figures to spend half their working hours on a rental house or trading the stock market to hopefully make a few extra thousands of dollars a month- it doesn't make sense.

Here’s the truth, that took me years to discover.  Very few people are taught how to create a substantial net worth.  They don't teach these things in school. 

So many people do one of two things:

  1. They delegate their investments to someone else and hope their money will be invested in the right things and, or
  2. They making quick investment decisions with little due diligence or having any framework to base their decisions from.    

The problem: without financial education to understand a good investment from a poor one.  Or, a framework to evaluate potential investment opportunities it’s difficult to create substantial wealth.   

Investing in commercial real estate is not get rich quick.  Without the proper education or guidance unfortunately many investors fall into one of these three most common pitfalls.  All of which I learned the hard way and are totally avoidable.  Let me explain (click here to keep reading)… 


Why Many Highly Paid Professionals Finish with an Shaky (Unstable) Retirement It’s becoming an all to common story as a highly skilled professionals reach their retirement years.  They were told to work hard, get into the top schools and do the extra-curricular activities.  Focus today so one day you’ll enjoy the benefits of a great…

How to create passive, residual monthly income investing in Commercial Real Estate.

The most common problems I hear from highly skilled professionals:

  1. I'm too busy, I don't have time to research and find the best properties.  What type of properties should I be looking at?
  2. I want to invest in commercial properties- but I don't know where to start?  

I started investing like many new to real estate investing.  I flipped houses, built new homes and built up a portfolio of rentals. I don't regret it, as I learned some valuable investing lessons.

But, I was working a demanding job at the time and investing in real estate had me bust 80+ hours a week.  I was far from creating passive, predictable cash flow from my investments.

It wasn’t until I met my mentor (now my father-in-law) who showed me how the wealthy invest. How to find value add real estate opportunities that can generate millions in profit.

In my latest book, you'll discover how even one commercial property could replace your earned income.  It's not uncommon for 1 commercial property to pay several hundred thousands/year in revenue.  You just need to understand which properties to look for and where.

If you want to learn how to grow your net worth investing in commercial real estate, you can get a copy of my book: Club Syndication here.

Discover my 5 part framework for creating passive income investing in commercial real estate.

How 1 Commercial Property Can Replace Your Earned Income.  Access the video here

The Investing Advantage Podcast

Devoted to helping highly skilled professionals and business owners who are stuck trading time for money. The GOAL of this podcast is to help you start living LIFE on your terms. And the best way to do that is to eliminate any FINANCIAL worries but taking responsibility for your money and how it's invested.

June and Dan Wang

Many thanks Shane for your hard work on this project.

It's certainly a great learning experience, especially on our first commercial property. We're extremely lucky to have such experienced team working with us, without your help and guidance we would definitely be lost and not able to pull it off.

Please accept our sincere appreciation to you, words cannot describe our gratitude but thank you is indeed from the bottom of our hearts.


Chris Knighton
Real Estate Agent/Investor Knighton Real Estate

I was extremely impressed with Shane’s work ethic, professionalism and diligence throughout the entire transaction.

It was very refreshing to see – Walter and Susan express the same sentiment.

Tim Murphy
Groundup Development LLC

Over the time I have known Shane I have to come to realize he has strengths I admire. one of them, the most important to me, integrity.

Many use this word to build trust or close a deal.

I use this word to define a person who is willing to do the right thing. Always.

Before Self & Before Profit.

Niyi Sobo
I'm Not You - Former NFL Running Back | Mindset Coach

Shane is one of the few people in this industry who I feel I can really trust- amazing information, no bs, and always authentic.

Appreciate you Shane, for dropping knowledge as always. I’m a rookie investor, but feeling more and more confident by the day, thanks to this podcast

Stan Peake
Entrepreneur - Insite Performance

Shane's latest book (Club Syndication) is a great helicopter tour of the complex and scary world of investing in commercial real estate.

Shane's tips are simple, but poignant, and his transparency and genuine desire to help other sis refreshing in today's business world.

A fast and simple read for anyone looking to diversify their investment portfolio or begin focusing on commercial real estate investments.

Robert Grand
Business Owner: Grand Realty | Real Estate Investor

I’ve been watching Shane’s Facebook videos and it has taken me on to a whole new investing path that I had no idea existed.

He is very clear and systematic in his approach. He doesn’t tease you with just enough information for you to need to go buy his material to get a full understand.

I would advise you to listen to the podcast now and start learning a new way to invest.