Meet Shane Melanson

Dad, Husband, Developer, Real Estate Investor, and Cash Flow Specialist

Who is Shane Melanson?

Fair question. Probably the best place to get to know more about Shane Melanson real estate investor is on my social channels.


You can see some of the pictures with family- these are the most important people in my life.  And, why, I invest in real estate.  To have the freedom to work from home, or vacation and do the things I want.


A little about how I got my start investing in real estate below:


When I started investing in real estate, my first house a 1 and a half story 1948 wartime house in Calgary.  For 5 years I worked my ass off renovating, renting and flipping residential properties to make money.


Over time, I moved up to building spec homes and then holding on to houses and doing long term rentals.


I was sold the dream: invest in real estate and retire in 5 years.


Well, that didn’t happen.


I was a millionaire on paper at 30, but I was miserable and working  2 full-time jobs- my day job as a commercial lender and nights and weekends flipping properties.


It wasn’t until I met a mentor (now my father-in-law) who showed me how to invest in commercial real estate.


He taught me a systematic way of finding the right properties.  Then, how to raise millions from investors and assemble the right teams to execute our business plan.


Today, I am not retired (I still actively invest), but each property I invest in has the potential to earn 7-figures.  I wake up every day, when I want (which is early) and love what I do.


I no longer work for anyone (and have been on my own since age 29).  There is still work to get to my dream, where I have enough net worth that I chose who I work with and when.


In my experience, there are very few real estate investors who actually have the dream of complete stress-free financial independence.


When you know what to look for and what I consider financial certainty- it becomes clear that just because you have a portfolio of $10M or $20M in real estate holdings, it may not equate to having enough passive cash flow to stop working.


The amount of cash generated from your assets- will determine how much passive income is left at the end of the month.


I have dedicated the last 10+ years of my life helping others find the right commercial assets to invest in to escape the need for trading time for money.


I have returned my partners and clients tens of millions in cash flow and profits.


Today, I’m focused on helping professionals real estate investor who works hard and earns good money do the same.


I find the impact of helping someone create enough passive income to replace their job extremely fulfilling.  Helping someone worth $50M earn an additional $5M is nice and it pays well- but, it rarely changes their life.


When I help an investor, like Dan, buy his first retail plaza and earn $6,500/month in passive income plus have his mortgage paid down an additional $7,600/month – it really is life changing.

Dan, a successful doctor, is 1 commercial property away from replacing his income.


He could retire and travel with his wife and kids.


You can watch the video case study here on how Dan bought his first commercial property in 90 days.


If you’d like to learn how to find these types of commercial properties and raise enough money to invest in larger real estate projects (like commercial deals- Retail properties, Multifamily or Industrial buildings) I encourage you to download my latest book.

Investing in Canadian Real Estate
Family Picture circa 2016
Shane at Canada Real Estate Investing
Shane inspecting foundation of his new Commercial Development
Father-Daughter Date Night
Father-Daughter Date Night
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