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Rod Khlief On Mastering Mindset to Achieve Limitless Success (Ep 33)


Mindset. Today I talk to Rod Khleif, not about the strategy behind commercial real estate investment, but the foundational mindset you must have even before you begin. A mindset that can help earn you millions.

Rod's background of hand-me-down clothes and powdered milk (00:40), how Rod first learned about the importance of mindset and how that lead to his first taste of success (2:25), a step-by-step strategy to re-engineer your mindset (5:57), what he did to move forward after losing $50 million (21:00), the two most powerful words in the human psyche (23:10), what to do when you're afraid to take action (25:45), how to gather 5 seconds of courage (28:38), after finding success, what does he continue to do today (30:30),  Rod's free book for my podcast listeners (35:20),



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