The Investing Advantage Podcast

Richard C. Wilson, Founder of the Family Office Club (Ep 31)


Best selling author of several books, host of the Family Office Podcast and founder of the Family Office Club, Richard C. Wilson, is my guest today. 

Today, Richard and I will dive into trends that Family Offices are experiencing (4:13), why meeting in person is so important (7:13), what are the deal sizes Family Offices like to invest in (8:45), advice for new people trying to raise capital (13:10), how to understand your audience (16:30), how to make your business bulletproof (20:30), how to double dealflow (22:30), how long does it take for a Family Office deal to close (28:00), why sharing secrets is important (31:50), where should you consider putting your money (35:34), advice for the ultra-wealthy private investor (49:34).  

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