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My Apprearance On the Obscurity to Authority Podcast (Ep 42)


I recently appeared on Darren Cabral's podcast, Obscurity to Authority, to introduce his audience to commercial real estate investment. It was a great conversation that I know you'll enjoy. Here's how he described my appearance on his show:

In today’s episode, I sit down with Shane Melanson, a professional real estate investor in Calgary. Shane has built significant wealth for himself and his clients since getting started in real estate over a decade ago.

Today Shane is an expert in commercial real estate investing and development and has done deals not only in Calgary but across Canada and the US.

Tune in to learn about how Shane got his start in real estate, transitioned from single-family homes to larger commercial deals, and continues to raise money to expand his portfolio of deals each and every year. If you’re interested in building massive wealth in real estate, this episode is for you.

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