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Erwin Szeto of Wealth Hacker Conference ft. Grant Cardone (Ep. 24)



I wanted to bring you a special episode with an offer for you at the end. My good friend Erwin and I had a great conversation about how he thinks about investing, his strategies, early investing stories, and everything that is going on at the Wealth Hacker Conference in Toronto. This conference is on November 9th so if you are listening to this after the 9th, you will still get a lot of value. If you are listening before and you are interested in going, tickets are selling out fast and I have a special discount code for you in the show notes.


Time Stamps:


(1:18) Who Erwin Is

(5:35) Erwin’s First Deal

(8:23) Strategy

(13:00) Early Investing Stories

(16:42) Wealth Hacker

(21:10) Truths

(39:58) Wealth Hacker Conference

(49:00) Promo Code: Shane


Go to Wealth Hacker Conference and use Promo Code: Shane

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