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About Shane

Founded Melanson Development in 2008, after leaving his high paying corporate job.  Has completed $100M+ in personal real estate transactions and helped clients buy and sell more than a quarter billion.  

I moved to Calgary in '96, leaving Whitecourt AB, where I built logging roads in the summer to pay for university.  My first investment was a fixer-upper in 2004, then eventually started to build spec houses, apartment complexes, developing retail, industrial and townhouses. 

Today, I'm both a developer and partner in a General Contractor company in Calgary AB (Kalamoir Construction).  We focus on Build To Rent Townhomes and low rise multifamily in AB and BC. 

Current Commercial Real Estate Projects

Built to Rent Alberta

32 Unit Townhouse Development | Okotoks | 2024

Calgary Townhouse Development 2022

10 Unit Townhouse Development, Calgary AB | Completed Sept 2022 | Fully Leased

Calgary Townhouse Development

63 Unit Townhouse Development, Chestermere AB | Turnover Spring 2023

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We are looking to grow our townhouse portfolio. If you have land in AB or BC - send it to me. We pay finder fees.

My backstory... how I got started

I started like many Canadian real estate investors- looking for a way to replace my 6 figure income.


I moved to Calgary AB in 1996.  My first investment was in 2004, it was war time house with no basement or central heat.  I didn't have a guide or mentor - I just took action.  Bought properties, learned lessons and kept going.  Eventually I built a small portfolio of rental properties.  Most broke even, a few paid me a few hundred a month in cash flow.


I kept my fulltime job (as a Commercial Underwriter/Lender) and managed my real estate in evenings and weekends.  I was young, no family, so working 12-16 hours/day and weekends didn't bother me.


In 2008, when the market crashed, I was forced to sell many of my properties.  It was my wake up call- investing solely for Market Appreciation was gambling.


Around this time I met my future father-in-law, a 40 year veteran developer and commercial real estate investor.  He took me under his wing and showed me how to invest in commercial real estate.  How to structure deals, raise money with a focus on developments and value add commercial properties.


In a typical year, we might look at 150+ properties to close on 1 or 2.  When a deal didn't fit our investing criteria, we would show them to our network; REIT's, Pension Funds and Wealthy Family Offices.


Once in awhile a physician, engineer or business owner would ask for our help to invest in commercial real estate.  It was in working with these individuals that I saw a need to educate outsiders on how to invest safely.


Commercial real estate (CRE) is generally misunderstood by outsiders.  It's not uncommon for newbie investors to be taken advantage of by insiders.  Not understanding what I call the "Game of Commercial Real Estate" can be very expensive.  I've seen new CRE investors lose as much as $6,000,000 on a single property.


The Game, as it was taught to me, is about seeing the best deals first.  Not fighting in bid situations or buying 'market priced' deals.  You make money when you see an opportunity others are not aware of.  Which means it's hard to be competitive if you're part time or an outsider.  In most markets, CRE investors are well known among the players.  It's a relationship game that takes time to break in and be taken seriously.


In 2019, I launched my podcast, The Investing Advantage and it quickly rose to being one of the top Investing Podcasts in Canada.  I have since written a book (Club Syndication) and created several training programs to help investors start investing in commercial real estate like the wealthy.

Father-Daughter Date Night
Father-Daughter Date Night
The Investing Advantage Podcast
The Investing Advantage Podcast
Calgary Industrial Property
Job Site - Industrial Development

Case Study: How Dan Replaced a multi-6 Figure/Year Income with 1 Commercial Property

How Dan Bought His First Commercial Property in 4 Months

Replacing a 6-figure income with just one commercial property?

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The Investing
Advantage Podcast

Devoted to Canadian Real Estate Investors who are stuck trading time for money replace their income. The GOAL of this podcast is to help you start living life on your terms. And the best way to do that is to eliminate any FINANCIAL worries by taking responsibility for your money and how it's invested.


Kind Words From My Private Real Estate Investing Clients

Shane is one of the few people in this industry who I feel I can really trust- amazing information, no bs, and always authentic.

Appreciate you Shane, for dropping knowledge as always. I’m a rookie investor, but feeling more and more confident by the day.

Private Real Estate Investing

Niyi Sobo
I'm Not You - Former NFL Running Back | Mindset Coach

Private Real Estate Investor Tim

Tim Murphy
Groundup Development LLC

Shane's latest book (Club Syndication) is a great helicopter tour of the complex and scary world of investing in commercial real estate.

Shane's tips are simple, but poignant, and his transparency and genuine desire to help other sis refreshing in today's business world.

A fast and simple read for anyone looking to diversify their investment portfolio or begin focusing on commercial real estate investments.

Private Real Estate Investor Canada - Stan

Stan Peake
Entrepreneur - Insite Performance

Many thanks Shane for your hard work on this project.

It's certainly a great learning experience, especially on our first commercial property. We're extremely lucky to have such experienced team working with us, without your help and guidance we would definitely be lost and not able to pull it off.

Please accept our sincere appreciation to you, words cannot describe our gratitude but thank you is indeed from the bottom of our hearts.


June and Dan Wang
Calgary Physician

I’ve been watching Shane’s Facebook videos and it has taken me on to a whole new investing path that I had no idea existed.

He is very clear and systematic in his approach. He doesn’t tease you with just enough information for you to need to go buy his material to get a full understand.

I would advise you to listen to the podcast now and start learning a new way to invest.

Robert Grand
Business Owner: Grand Realty | Real Estate Investor

Shane Melanson - investing in commercial real estate

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