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Commercial Property & Realty Advisors

If you're earning a high income and looking for a way to convert it into cash flowing assets- commercial real estate may be right for you.

Many of my clients come to me because they feel they are over exposed to the stock market.  Or, they have invested in residential properties and realized they have a 2nd job. 

They want a place to invest their money in a hard assets that have predictability and steady monthly cash flow. I help these investors find the right commercial properties - either to invest directly (buying an apartment building, strip retail center or industrial warehouse), or, investing passively, along side professional commercial investors.

One thing in commonality I see with successful professionals and business owners is they are hyper sensitive about controlling their TIME

Which is why the Commercial Real Estate Wealth Intensive was created.  To give you the road map and framework I've used to invest more than $65M in commercial properties and my clients buy and sell more than $260M.  To help you make intelligent commercial real estate investing decisions.

As a commercial property and realty advisor for the past 12+ years, I've helped professionals and business find the right properties, in the right places at the right time.  

My 5-Step Wealth Building Framework is designed to help those earning 6-figures +/year  to create substantial net worth and recurring, passive income through commercial real estate ownership. 

Commercial Brokerage Services:

If you are looking to invest in commercial properties located in Calgary AB, I can help.  For many of my clients, they have invested in residential real estate in the past and now looking to buy their first commercial property.

I help you identify the right properties that suit your investment criteria.  This is ideally suited for investors with a minimum of $500,000 to invest now.

Owner Users:

You are a business owner in Calgary and looking to purchase a commercial property for you business.  Owning and controlling your own building can be a great way to start acquiring commercial properties.

Having developed industrial and retail properties, my background lends well to first determining whether you should buy an existing building or build your own.  This is not a simple decision and generally requires in depth look at your business, how fast you're growing and how much space you need.  This is ideally suited for business owners with a minimum of $1,000,000 and 6 months to find the right property.

Consulting Services:

Currently, I offer 1 on 1 consulting.  The focus is to help busy professionals and business owners earning high  income transition to Investors.  So you no longer have to trade time for money- your money is working for you.  This is suited for investors outside of Calgary but still wanting to learn from someone in the business of investing in commercial real estate.


As a real estate coach I show you how take control over where your money is invested.  You will have a clear road map on how to invest to create the net worth you require in retirement.  


The Process: Find.  Finance.  Optimize.

One on One Consulting is a 12 week Program with Six calls (every 2 weeks) in 60-75 Minute increments over the phone or video conferencing.  Ideal for investors who either have commercial properties now or are in the process of purchasing a property in the very near future.  Currently not accepting new 1-1 clients.  Only 5 at one time, so you're welcome to join wait list.

Group Coaching: is the same program as the 1-1, except it is 8 weekly 90 Minute sessions.  We meet on Zoom (a video conferencing tool where I can share my screen to demonstrate deals and pitch decks etc).


What You Can Expect:

We work to define your Vision and what you want out of investing in Commercial Real Estate.

You'll have a clear understanding of where you are now (Point A) and where you want to get to (Point B- the Destination). 

The first step in any journey is to have 2 clear points- your starting point and the destination.  With a clearly defined vision we will design a plan (tactics/strategies) to get you to the outcome you want.

My Proprietary Investing Process is called: Commercial Real Estate Wealth Building Triangle.

If you've looked into commercial real estate consultants or coaches in the past, you've probably noticed there is no clear finish line.  My approach is different.  I want you have a plan, tools, and the skills needed to start investing in commercial real estate at the end of our engagement.

I only work with a limited number of clients at a time.  My main focus is investing and doing my own investments.  And, yes, I am actively investing in commercial real estate.  I'm not a real estate consultant that is teaching something that might have worked 10 years ago.

As I write this, I have a $9.5M development in Calgary underway.  I have several deals in the pipeline now with offers.  You're going to get the most up-to-date training from someone who's actually doing this. 


Commercial Real Estate Consulting Q&A

Question: "Do I get to work with Shane personally- or do I get someone who Shane has trained?" 

Answer: You get me.  At this time, I'm the only person who is consulting clients.  Which is why, I'm limiting my 1 on 1 to five clients at anyone time.  In Group coaching- you still get just me and the group sizes are kept small (under 12 at this time)


Question: "What if I don't have millions to invest- how do I even get started investing in commercial properties?" 

Answer: You don't need millions of your own money. I have one client who purchased a $180k commercial property and, once he leases up the property, will be worth (conservatively) $950,000 - $1,100,000.  Do these deals come along everyday?  Depends on your market- but yes, in almost any market, you can find opportunities and not all commercial deals are millions.

If you want to scale into larger properties (my specialty) I'll show you how to leverage "Other People's Money" to invest.  And, how to find the right type of properties that investors want to invest in. 


Question: "What if I'm just getting started- and I don't have any experience investing.  Is anyone really going to invest with me?" 

Answer: Most of my clients have never invested in real estate before.  You don't need to have 5 single family houses under your belt to be successful in commercial real estate.

I'll show you how to create your DREAM TEAM to add credibility to your deals.  When you work with me- there's an opportunity to leverage my name and credibility (provided you follow my advice and specific requirements).


Question: "I'm too busy to do this work- I just want to invest in commercial real estate with someone I can trust.  Can't I just give you or someone like you money to invest?" 

Answer: The short answer is Yes.  You can just invest with someone like me- however, my goal is to have you fully aware of what you're investing in. 

Most sophisticated and credible syndicators want sophisticated investors in their deals.  Why?  Because they don't want the burden of having hand-holding throughout an investment.  A knowledgeable investor is a great investor. 


Question: "Shane, I don't even know where to start to find deals- what do I do first?" 

Answer: Investing in Value Add Commercial Real Estate is a Process.  There is a very clear 12 Step Framework I use to find, finance and fix the properties.  When you work with me, I walk you through that process and show you how to get started- step 1,2,3 etc. 

If you live in Calgary or, are willing to invest in Calgary- I walk you through the entire process from start to finish.  You can leverage my contacts and relationships.  


The Desired Outcomes for Your Skill Development Investing in Commercial Real Estate:

* Create a clear net worth target and recurring monthly cash flow goal   
* Craft your go to market plan for identifying the right properties and locations to invest in.
* How to acquire your first or next commercial property  
* Developing your Branding Strategy to attract the right properties to you.                                    
* Designing your financing system- securing both debt and equity.
* How to manage your property with professional help, and less than 90 minutes/month                    

If this sounds like something you want- then click on the Apply Now button below.

We will set up a 30 minute strategy session to determine if you're a good fit.  I will say, not everyone that comes to me is accepted.  The reality is, my style of investing and the people I work with must be a good fit.

What you can expect on the call:

We will talk about where you're at now and what you'd like to accomplish.  If it looks like I can help you- I'll tell you how that would look (either in consulting capacity or actually finding you properties to invest in).  If it's not a fit, then I may suggest some free resources for you to help you along.
So, if you're serious about investing in commercial real estate (on your own, or with others) - set up a time to talk to me.

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