If you have a commercial property or development and have a question on:
  • How to raise the money you need for your project
  • How to structure your deal
  • A second set of eyes on a current deal you're under contract or thinking of investing in
  • Look at your underwriting assumptions
And would like my help - and are comfortable with my rate of $1,000 for a 45 minute call, then please go ahead and schedule a time for us to talk.
As I don't do many of these calls (4/month is all I have time for) - it is not how I make money.  I do this because I enjoy helping and the people.  Those who invest in these calls come prepared and generally take action and get results.
There are people out there with more experience in commercial real estate/development than me.  If you have someone in your network you can call on - go there first.
This is for the person who has likely read my book, watched or listened to 10+ hours of my podcasts and appreciates my perspective on real estate investing.
Here is the process and how it works:
1. You will send me a short email with the following:
i) what you're trying to achieve (your goal)
ii) where you're at now (do you have the money, property already).
iii) tell me what you're struggling with and last,
iv) what is the win for you?  At the end of the call if you could walk away with X it would be worth $5k to you.
2. After I read your email (please keep to less than 300 words) - I will let you know if I can help or not.  I am not taking on calls where I don't believe I can help you.
3. If I think I can help and you still want to have the call - you'll be sent my Calendly link to book in a time and pay the $1,000.
1. There are no refunds- I can't get my time back, so I do not offer refunds.
2. NONE of my advice is legal or investing advice.  You are solely responsible for your investing decision.
3. We keep to the time strictly - I respect your time and it's best to get straight down to the task at hand so I can spend the maximum time on your question/problem.
4. If you want to book in a 2nd time to speak with me - it's possible, but not my preference.  You should have 1 challenge to work on and I'll give you what I feel is the best approach (based on my experience).