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I Help Real Estate Investors Raise Money & Invest Like the Wealthy

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"Helping real estate investors raise money and invest like the wealthy in Commercial Real Estate. Focus your energy on finding just 1 or 2 of the right properties to replace your income.

Step 1  

Find A Property that is Big Enough to Attract Wealthy Investors.

Step 2 

How to Approach Accredited Investors, What to Say and How to Structure Your deals

Step 3

Put together a team to Execute your Game Plan. You're the GM- your job is to find the right people.

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How do you Raise Money and Invest in Real Estate to Create Predictable, Passive, Monthly Cash flow?

Shane, how do I raise enough money to invest in larger deals?  How can I start to create real wealth investing in real estate or leveling up into Commercial Real Estate?

How to Raise Capital and Invest in Commercial Real Estate

Two common problems I hear from real estate investors are:

  1. How do I raise enough money to keep buying good deals?  How can I raise the money fast enough, so I don’t miss out on a deal?
  2. What are the type of properties and deals that wealthy investors want to invest in?  I’m competing with thousands of wholesalers and residential investors fighting to find a deal with $20,000 – $50,000 in potential profit.  Investing has become a full time job.

I too started out flipping houses and the buy and hold for single family.  It was a good way to learn the business of investing in real estate.

The problem I found- working a real job and investing in real estate had me working 80+ hours a week and while I was making ok money, I was far from creating passive, predictable cash flow from my investments.

It wasn’t until I met my mentor (who is now my father-in-law) that showed me how the wealthy invest.  How to raise millions and find value add opportunities that wealthy investors are seeking to put their money into.

If you want to learn how I’ve raised more than $23,650,000 to buy various real estate opportunities across Canada and the US, you can get a request a copy of my book: Club Syndication here.

You’ll get my 5 part framework for raising money and investing in real estate.

Active Investors/ Syndicators

  • Raise Money
  • Find the Right Properties
  • How to Structure Deals with your investors
  • Strategies to Increase NOI
  • My 8 Non-Negotiables for Investing

Passive Investors

  • Access to Properties I'm Investing in now.
  • Protect Yourself when investing in Private Syndicated Deals.
  • Financing trends
  • The 4 Questions to Ask Before investing your money in any deal.
  • Get a Clear Investing Game Plan to replace your current income

Your Next Step

1. We jump on a quick call and discuss your current situation and where you want to go.
2. Once you have clarity, we design an investing roadmap or blueprint for you .
3. Last, I'll show you the way forward - a clear and concise plan.    

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